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One Hundred Percent

– Want to make money but the fears within your own mind stop you?

– Want to start multiple sources of income but cannot seem to find the time?

– Have aspirations but the family doesn’t support you emotionally and financially?

– Have failed multiple times in the past and do not know what is going wrong?

– Want t create multiple sources of income but cannot seem to reignite the zeal you once had when you started?

As a woman of India and having faced the same challenges as any ambitious female does after marriage and kids, I know exactly how depressing and demotivating it can be when your own people do not understand you.

But, one thing I always stood for was myself and my dreams and others eventually had to give way! This is what my book is about – HOW NO FEMALE HAS TO COMPROMISE ON HER DREAMS, because there is a way you can master both family and wealth together.

One-Hundred Percent has been written for all Female Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Self-Employed women, and those who want to start creating extra sources of income, together with managing their family 100% effortlessly. This book will remove every barrier you face every day when going for your dreams, by helping you step by step on how to get rid of the negative emotions around money, forming a mindset that attracts money for you in avalanches, and forming an extraordinarily abundant relationship with money