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Sonal is an Entrepreneur based out of India who loves speaking to Women and enabling them to go all out. She is also a bestselling Author of the book ‘One Hundred Percent’ and creates ‘Money Mindset Courses’ as an educator. Her aim through her content is to help Women not compromise upon their dreams and find a way they can balance both family and work together 100% effortlessly.

Business Process Consultant  : Sonal has huge experience working as a Consultant with Fortune 500 clients and Firms such as EY, KPMG, PwC and Atos. She is keen about Business Consulting, likes learning about Businesses and helping clients improve upon their Business processes. She holds expertise on SAP, and has actively worked in multiple sectors such as Telecom, Retail, FMCG, Banking, Manufacturing and Oil and Gas. 

Women Money Mindset Coach : Sonal believes that every Woman has the capability and strength to become whoever they would like to be, but owing to their past unspporting beliefs and conditioning about Money and lack of support, they often compromise upon their dreams. She has been coaching Women for the last 3 years how they can build a mindset which enables them to overcome these beliefs, strengthen their relationship with money and lead a life of Abundance.

Content Creator  :Sonal is active on video platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube and creates Podcasts where she speaks actively about Women Empowerment via developing a Money Mindset. She creates content that enables women to overcome their limiting beliefs and challenges and build a mindset which helps them grow in whichever field they choose.

Author  :She is the Author of ‘One Hundred Percent’ – a book which solves the problem women of India have been meaning to get an answer to for very long now. And that is – How to balance family and wealth together and that too 100% efforlessly – without having to compromise on either,

My Mission

Is to Empower Women

I talk to so many Women daily who say that they and their family is going through financial problems due to which they are unable to sleep properly at nights.
They say they want to identify their strengths and monetize upon them but unable to find the right way to do that.
They also want to increase their sources of income, but some-how they are unable to find where to start from.

I learnt the importance of money the hard way when my father left us broke after working for 35 years, for 12 hours in a day, he could not save anything, further he passed away leaving debt.
Even I used to struggle when I started. I used to think that a job is sufficient to fulfil my basic needs and anyway who has the time to go beyond that.
But then, when my family’s needs grew and I could not fulfil them, I realised it is important to build more than one source of income. I heard a speaker say once, “If you lose your only one source of income, you lose 100% of your financial security”, and this somehow stuck.
What if I lose my job, I will come on the road. Am I only cut out for that? Or can I build myself into a person who has multiple revenue streams working for her?
Today, I work as a Business Process Consultant in a renowed MNC so many aspire to be in, and stay in London, one of the World’s best city to live in. Also, I am living my dream of coaching Women via my Courses and live sessions and creating Content over multiple Social Media platforms. I have been fortunate enough to create properties and put them on Rent which also helps me make passive income. I feel secure knowing I am in a position where I am no longer relying on just one source of income.

And I want every female to feel this way – Confident, Worthy and Financially INDEPENDENT and EMPOWERED.

My Story

I have been working since I was 19, fresh into college.
I was always someone who understood the value of money and how important it is for a person to be financially independent. This was deeply rooted into me because since my childhood I have seen a scarcity of money at my home. There were incidents which shaped me the way I am today.
My father used to run a confectionary shop which though was sufficient for me and my brother to stay educated and fill our stomachs, but nothing beyond that.
I have seen a childhood where I could not bring myself to asking my father to buy me anything I wished for because I knew he did not have enough.

When my mother used to ask him money for buying our school uniform, he gave money in denominations as low as a 5-rupee coin. He had to literally scratch his whole dukaan ka galla to give her something. I have seen him looking into his empty wallet with a hope that he would find something. I have seen his weary and tired eyes when he used to look at his regular customers going to other shops because he did not have enough sales to fill his shop with more goods. I cannot even imagine the pain he must have gone through!

So, when I went to college, it was very clear I had to help him and my mother the best I could with my limited abilities. I started taking home tuitions and with God’s grace could make enough to pay my brother’s tuition fees, help my mother a little in household expenses, bear my own expenses and hence help reduce my father’s financial pressure.

But I was too late to do that for him, because by the time I started helping him, his body had been tearing away from inside. He had Arthritis, which swallowed him because he never had the money to take proper medication. I have seen him at his lowest, when he cried in front of me with pain at night, both physical and mental. I have seen his physical body giving away in front of his willpower to live. During his last days at hospital, he thought even if he survived, he would become a burden to others. My brother was 15 and I was 21 when he left us. But he taught me a very important lesson, that even after 35 years of hard work at his shop, for more than 12 hours every day, he could not save anything. Also, he left a huge debt for us to pay which was eating him inside since long but no one knew off. On the face of it, it may look like disease ate him up, but deep within we knew it was the constant stress of managing a family with no or very little money that took a toll on his health.
He taught me how relying on one source of income for the whole life can be one-hundred percent risky – sometimes it even costs life!

I took a job in a multinational and continued to take home tuitions alongside, but still it was not enough to take care of a family of 3 in a city like Gurgaon.
And that is when I realised that I will have to build myself to make more money, because no one else is going to do that for me. I started reading Business books, started attending webinars and completely immersed myself in the idea of self-development. I got myself educated with the idea of different businesses and how they can help me make more money and make me a better individual in the process. I started working in a Direct Selling company where I got coached by some of the best persons in this industry every week. They taught me how a Business is run and how you have to be mentally strong to be able to make it big in life.

This entire shift from an employee mindset to a Business person mindset is what got me thinking how I was until now leading a scarce life, where growth was very limited. I then figured out after speaking to so many females around me how they were facing the same issues in their life. I attended multiple transformational programs from Coaches in India to go deep into understanding the ways how our mind works.

And thus, I starting speaking to women to help them believe that making money is an art which can be mastered. I have come from being a girl who once believed that she would always have this below average life to a girl who now believes she deserves all the riches. I have taken the responsibility of helping women make money using techniques it took me years to learn. Many women face the same problems that I saw since my childhood and want to do something about it, and I am there to help each one of them.

And that brings me to where I am today. Today, I work in a multinational in London, where many people aspire to be and I help women, who are today like I once was, and need help in identifying ways to make more money. I do not want shortage of money to take away the lives of anyone or become the reason of stress or anxiety in one’s life.

When there is abundant money out there for all of us and we can even master the way it is made, why let ourselves get affected with mental pressure and degrade our health for this reason. Let us together master the skills required to increase our income and live a healthy and happy and stress-free life.